Academic Researches
  Environmental Engineering


Environmental Sciences

l            Environmental Chemistry

l            Comments on Organic Pollutants Structure Active Relations and Ecological Dangers

l            Elemental Form and Ecological Effect and Biological Effectiveness

l            Researches on New Technologies of Environmental Survey

l            Researches on Polluted Environmental Repair

l            Environmental Biology (Ecological Toxicology and Environmental Biological Technologies)

l            Comments on the Discrimination of Causes of the Toxicity of Complex Pollution

l            Poisonous Role Mechanism of Prior Pollution Control and Its Norm of Water Quality

l            Biological Symbols and Its Application in the Evaluation of Ecological Venture

l            Construction of Genetic Engineering Germs

l            Purification Technology of Oil and Waste Water Living Beings

l            Biological Repairing of Destroyed Environment

l            Environmental Planning and Management

l            Environmental Basic Law and Environmental Principle

l            Evaluation on the Environmental Planning and Environmental Effects

l            Environmental Economy, Policy and Environmental Management

l            Stratagem on Water Pollution Control

l            Stratagem on Air Pollution Control