ZUO Yuhui


ZUO Yuhui
Professor; advisor of Ph.D., associate director of state key laboratory of pollution control and resources reuse, deputy director of academic standing committee of environmental science, Department of education,P.R.China

School of Environment, Nanjing University, P.R.China 210093

1962-1967 Tsinghua University (B.S)
1967-1979 Jiangxi normal junior college (lecturer)
1979-1981 Nanjing University (M.S)
1981- Nanjing University

Research Interests:
Environmental planning and management, sustainable development planning, environmentology and environmental economics

Current Projects:
(China State Department of Education: "Establishment of environmental elementary theories and integral optimization of curricular system"
(China EPA and Jiangsu EPA:"pollution control of the water system in Jiangsu province"
(The New District Council of Changzhou City: "Sustainable development planning of New District of Changzhou City"
(Kunshan EPA : " Sustainable development planning of Kunshan City"
(Guangzhou EPA: " Sustainable and ecological development planning of Guangzhou"

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