Yu Hongxia, Professor  


Yu Hongxia, Professor

Tel:+86-25-83592841-614,  Email: yuhx@nju.edu.cn

Dr Yu Hongxia studied for his Bachelor, Master and doctor's degrees at Nanjing University. Yu Hongxia's main research interests lie in environmental chemistry, environmental measurement and analysis and environmental toxicology. Specific research topics include fate and effects of persistent organic pollutants in aquatic environments, quantitative structure-activity relationships of organic compounds, application of molecular imprinting technique to develop chemosensors for environmental monitoring and clinical diagnosis purposes, and toxicity identification evaluation for complex mixtures.

Currently Funded Research Projects

  1. Special indicators recognition and study on new fluorescent sensor monomers for chemical sensing by molecular imprinting technique
  2. Investigation of COD Cr on-line measurement instrument
  3. Toxicants identification of sludge from a wastewater treatment plant and sludge reuse  

Major Publications

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