Lin Xiao


Associate Professor

Lin Xiao

Department of Environmental Science
School of the
Nanjing University 
22 Hankou Road, Nanjing 210093 
P. R. China
phone: (86-25) 83686561  fax: (85-25) 83707304, 83686561

Main research interests

Long-term research focuses on microorganisms in environment, bioremediation of environmental pollution and microorganisms in process of water and wastewater biotreatment.

l         Environmental Molecule Biology

l         Microbial Ecology

l         Bioremediation of soil and groundwater

l         Microbial treatment of pollutants

l         Ecological safe

Research items:  
05/8-07/12 High effect microbial degradation of remains of fish drug  
04/01-06/12 The interaction of M. aeruginosa and attached bacteria in the lake phosphorus cycle  
03/01-05/12 Remediation of Arsenic-polluted Soils by Biovolatilization  
03/01-05/12 Improvement technology of water quality for lake water source  
03/01-07/06 Study on Processes of Lake Eutrophication and
the Mechanism of Cyanobacterial



Chemical and Biological Regeneration of HDTMA-Modified Montmorillonite after Sorption with Phenol (Environmental Science and Technology, 2003, 37, 5057-5061) was awarded the second class of natural science of Nanjing government in 2005.


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Journal Articles

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