The Performance of Environmental Governance Systems






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The international conference on “The Performance of Environmental Governance Systems” (PEGS) will be held in Nanjing, China on 6 and 7 May 2013.


The purpose of the conference is to analyze the effectiveness of the governance systems in place in America and China in solving environmental problems, paying particular attention to the conditions that lead to success, the factors that cause failures, and the extent to which outcomes meet standards of efficiency, equity, and good governance. The goal is to add to our understanding of what it takes to solve environmental problems and to produce frameworks, insights, and hopefully substantiated conclusions that will be of interest to members of the policy community responsible for dealing with environmental problems and to others concerned with the protection of the environment.


Individuals can participate in the conference by preparing a paper focusing on some aspect of environmental governance, serving as a commentator on one or more of the papers presented by others, or simply attending as an interested participant. If you are interested in presenting a paper, we will negotiate with you to ensure that the paper will contribute to the success of the conference and to be sure that we are in agreement regarding the general nature and content of your paper. We also will circulate a background paper to all confirmed participants to provide a clear picture of what we are trying to achieve.


We plan to prepare a common paper based on the substance of the conference suitable for publication in a high profile journal such as Science or PNAS. In addition, we plan to publish the papers presented at the conference along with the major commentaries as a special issue of an appropriate journal or as an edited volume from a prominent university press.






Authors and Speakers




Welcome Address

NJU Official

Introduction of Research Programs at Bren School and NJU

Jun Bi, Dean, School of Environment, NJU

Steve Gaines, Dean, Bren School, UCSB


Conference Themes and Goals

Oran Young, Dan Guttmann


Photo & tea break

Session 1

Chair: Oran Young


Epochs in Environmental Governance:

A Framework for Comparative Analysis

Dan Mazmanian


The Evolution of Implementation Systems for Energy Saving

Policy in China

Ye Qi



Air and Water Quality in America and China: When Do

Incentive Mechanisms Work?

Jeremy Shreifels



Discussions (10 min each discussants, 40 min comments)

2 Discussants and free comments

Lunch time and break


Session 2

Chair: Daniel Guttmann



Environmental Federalism in Climate Governance: A Comparative Study of China and the United States

Junjie Zhang


The Role of Civil Society in Environmental Governance in the US and China

Robert Percival and Huiyu Zhao

2:40 – 3:20

Discussions (8 min each discussants, 24 min comments)

2 Discussants and free comments


Tea break

Session 3

Chair: Jun Bi


Disaster Management and the Science-Policy-Practice Interface: Comparing China and the United States

Roger Kasperson, Guoyi Han, Bonnie Ram, and Peijun Shi


Ecosystem services and Environmental Governance: China, the US, and the Rest of the World

Robert Costanza




Discussions (8 min each discussants, 24 min comments)

2 Discussants and free comments

Cultural activities at hotel





Recap of Day 1 and Issues to Think about in the Case Studies

Oran Young

Session 4

Chair: Junjie Zhang


Impact factors of greenhouse gas emissions from China’s cities: Case study of Suzhou

Haikun Wang, Jun Bi et al.


Portland, USA Takes Action:

25 Percent Per Capita Carbon Emission Reductions

Susan Anderson, Michael Armstrong, and Vinh Mason


Discussions (8 min each discussants, 19 min comments)

2 Discussants and free comments


Tea break

Session 5

Chair: Alex Wang


Water Quality Management in Lake Taihu

Bing Zhang, Jun Bi et al.


Fighting Euthrophication from Phosphorus Loading in Lake Champlain

Gail Osherenko


Environmental Governance and the Restoration of Chesapeake Bay

Bonnie Kranzer



Discussions (10 min each discussants, 30 min comments)

2 Discussants and free comments

Lunch time and break


Session 6

Chair TBD



Managing Freshwater in America: Demand, Supply, and Integrated Management

Sara Hughes and Robert Wilkinson


Watershed management & governance in China

Yi Wang


Discussions (8 min each discussants, 19 min comments)

2 Discussants and free comments


Tea break

Session 7

Chair Oran Young



Lessons learned and future directions                                                        Everyone

Plans for publication                                                                                         Everyone. 



Closure remark

 Jun Bi

You are welcomed to check this webpage frequently, since we will provide the paper draft or outline for download.



Venue & Lodging


The PEGS Conference will be hosted at:


Golden Eagle Summit Hotel, Nanjing


The location information could be accessed here:


All the rooms have been reserved. Please let us know your arrival and departure date.


Directions and Transportation


From Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG):

1) Take Metro Line 2 to Hongqiao Railway Station

2) Take the G train or D train (high speed train) to Nanjing Railway Station, or to Nanjing South Railway Station. We can help to reserve your train ticket with a copy of your passport.

3) Checkpoint


From Beijing (PEK) or Hong Kong (HKG):

1) Take a flight to Nanjing Lukou Airport

2) Checkpoint


We will pick you up at the two above Checkpoints.


If you would like to be accompanied by our student assistant before your arrival of the Checkpoints above, please email us with your route of traveling in the last week of April.



If you need any assistant, please contact us without any hesitation:

Dr. Lingxuan Liu